I'm a 28 years old self-taught graphic designer who likes to make things with a minimalist approach, located on an island in the Caribbean. I specialize in making original and modern design for small and medium business, entrepreneur and anyone else that would like to build a brand with an outstanding logo that shows only what matters.

What can I do?

I create visual identity and logo design for businesses and organizations that want to stay ahead of the competition and engaged with their audience with a modern and simplistic face.

How can I do it?

It's possible because of my own design process that consists of six different stages: Information, exploration, creation, presentation, revising and delivering.

Why I do it?

Because I want to make the world a better looking, focusing only what matters. 

I’ve been doing this for several years and I’ve been creating awesome stuff for different clients in different areas. If you didn’t see my work, check out my portfolio, I can't wait to start creating for you.