Minimal logo design for a dating website by Jago

This is the new logo for a dating website the idea behind is pretty simple but interesting at the same time.

All started when the concept of attraction needed to be mixed with the idea of love and dating. I try to combine the simplicity of a heart but without being a simple or normal heart shape.

Logo Design: Why are they so important?

If you take the time to think in a brand right now, the first thing that will come to your mind it's probably their logo design, right? It doesn't matter if is not have the name beside the logo, you'll be able to find out which brand is right away, this will happen almost 100% of the time, for sure but, why? because is one of the best ways to make a brand successfully.  Here are a few reasons to let you know why are they so important. 

Concepts vs Revisions

When you're having a design project the designer will be working according to a design process. This process is made of different stages or levels that are absolutely necessary if you want to get something valuable, but there are two levels of that process that clients tend to confuse and because of that I want to share this article and make sure to let you know more about the difference between a concept creations and a round of revisions.

Which type of logo your business need?

Whether is a new or already established business or organization, a logo design is the core of the visual representation of the idea that the audience is going to be exposed. And because of that, every startup or entrepreneur needs to know which is the type of logo the brand needs.