Which type of logo your business need?

Which type of logo your business need?


Whether is a new or already established business or organization, a logo design is the core of the visual representation of the idea that the audience is going to be exposed. And because of that, every startup or entrepreneur needs to know which is the type of logo the brand needs.

It doesn't matter if you are a new business or an already established brand looking for a revamp. There are parameters that you have to be in to know which is the correct way to represent your brand through a logo design. A great visual representation is the face of the values and beliefs of your business/organization.

How will the logo look on certain implementation? how will it look when is printed or in a big advertising billboard? These questions come often when a logo design project is already in process.

So, because of that why is important to know which type of logo is the right one for your business? in this article, I will make sure to show it to you.

There is 5 type of logos that the industry is made of. They all have their differences, functions, and applications but not all of them are going to work for your business.


Letter Marks

This type of logo I personally love to create them. This is the logo that their main core is in the letter/s of the business name. It can be the initial letter/s or whatever letter/s that needs to stand out. This logos are great for brands that want to bring to its audience the idea of the shortest version of the brand's name so when they see it recognize immediately the name itself. Company's that uses this type of logo belief that a letter mark is more easier to maintain in people heads than the full name.



Word Marks

If you are following me till now you might know what this type of logo is all about. In this case, the whole name of the business is the logo itself. This kind of design is perfect for brands that have creative and catchy names. With word marks people don't have to do any effort to know what is in front of them, they just have to read it. If you're looking to make your creative and not too long name to stay forever in people's mind this is the way to go.


Symbols or Icons

This is the type of logo that a person thinks when is referring to a logo and why is that? Because is all about the image, not the business name and in all cases It has to be something figurative or abstract. A Figurative Icon/symbol is something that our brain will relate immediately to something else. This kind of designs is based on shapes that everyone is familiar with. The brand that has a figurative image is looking to show to its public an exact picture linked to the core of the business so when they see it doesn't hesitate to remember it. On the other side, Abstract designs need to do a bit more thinking to find out what is all about. This last one is most used in brands that want to make its audience to experiment more with the idea that represents it but also reminds them how originality and personality bring because of the uniqueness of the abstraction.



Combination Mark

When a symbol/icon and a word mark meet together this is called a combination mark. This is a great way to go for all in a logo design, why? Because it can be used separately in some cases and they will work just fine. Sometimes the business name is incorporated on the icon, beside or below. They can be versatile in terms of adaptation because you can use the business name itself and the symbol/icon can stands on its own too. Brands with this kind of logo designs want you to make sure you can remember them in more than one way.



Vintage or classic brands use this kind of logo design because they want you to know lots of information in one image. Emblems have the particularity of containing more things in it. The business name, the symbol, slogan and even the establishment date can be found in an emblem. But that's not all, the majority has this shield, label, seal/stamp shape to look like they have the authority and they have been here for a while. If you are an organization, a food brand or a team you might consider to have an emblem. 

In Conclusion

Every type of logos that you already see above has their own function and advantages and if you get the right one for your company you will have a very good and functional visual representation against other and for your audience.

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