5 rules to keep in mind when designing a logo

5 rules to keep in mind when designing a logo

rules of logo design by jago

Be proud of a logo design is a great thing, is something that every designer should pursue. When creating a logo we put ourselves sometimes in a position that makes us think what we have is perfect, the client loves it and everything looks awesome, until, you realize that there are some important things the design is not able to achieve.

Because of that is really important, I will say required, that this rules that I will break down to you need to be in every design process of a logo design because at the end the best logo possible is what you need right?

Black and White.

The first thing to keep in mind is always making the logo to look great in black and white. If for some reason loses its magic and impact, you should start tweaking things. Being able to maintain the impact in black and white color it tells you how versatile the logo is. In almost any cases every brand will have to place its logo in darker or brighter areas of a billboard, newspaper, web page or anything like, that's why this is so important.


As we mention a versatile logo is awesome but, not just making it powerful in black and white will make as versatile as it needs. There is something called balance. This is the next important rule to keep in mind because this will ruin the first impression of any logo. Playing with the elements can bring you balance but also be pleasant to the eye. Make sure that your elements do not make more weight to one side from the other, this also includes color tones.


Next one will be the harmony of the colors, yes, colors can mess up a logo design that looks perfect on black and white, that's why you need to pick the right colors and the perfect matches or combinations for a great impact. A great advice is not to use more than 3 colors so the logo can be memorable, you can go far from that but just only if the real purpose is up to that. Picking colors to represent what you're looking for while being beautiful at the same time is the main key.


Moving on we have maybe the most tricky rule of all, why? Because it will bring the versatility that we have been talking to the next level. Yes, if you don't know we are talking about scalability. Why I am saying this? because in the process of creating a logo you're only being exposed to it in the same size most of the time but when you scale it down to a very tiny image you realize that again, you need to tweak things up. This also applies to make it bigger too, remember that.


And last but not least, simplicity all the time. I think this is something that we have to know for sure but according to my experience and what I have seen in this journey, lots of designers out there make this complex and full of elements and effects logo designs that will be far away of working as should be. So, remember that famous phrase, -less is more- is always better.

In conclusion, this are the things that every one of you should keep in mind when designing a logo for a client. Remeber to always enjoy the process and don't let the lack of ideas or parameters brings you angry or disappointed because at the end the result is always something that we can be proud of.

Hope that this pieces of rules can help you to do the things better and makes you a greater logo designer.

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