Logo Design: Why are they so important?

Logo Design: Why are they so important?

importance of logo design by jago

If you take the time to think in a brand right now, the first thing that will come to your mind it's probably their logo design, right? It doesn't matter if is not have the name beside the logo, you'll be able to find out which brand is right away, this will happen almost 100% of the time, for sure but, why? because is one of the best ways to make a brand successfully.  Here are a few reasons to let you know why are they so important. 

A logo is important because:

They are recognizable.

Every time that you'll think in the Nike swoosh logo you will not hesitate to find out what it is, you just got it right away, right? Recognition is one of the most important characteristics of a logo design, that's what every brand wants to achieve, it gives the business an identity that can be the distinction from the competition.

They have personality.

Is not just to be recognizable by the people but transmitting a personality to it. It's the face of the brand, it brings an attitude that can translate to how much this visual identity will influence its audience to reach more and more every time. When you see the logo of Red Bull immediately you will think that you're having a life of adrenaline at least that happens to me.

A logo is memorable too.

Another thing that is awesome about the importance of a logo design is the fact that every time it gets exposed to its public the more notable will be and will remain part of the people's mind. Don't you tell me that you don't have logos in your mind since the day you were born, ah? I think you do because a logo design does a pretty good job of getting into your mind and never leave.

And they are also versatile.

To give you an ultimatum on making you a clear vision of the importance of a logo design for your business, another reason is that while being a part of the brand and be recognize, show it's personality and be memorable can also be everywhere you think it will, on the billboard beside the road, on your phone, on the bus station, at your house, every corner of the city, on the internet for sure and even on your t-shirt!

Now that you know the reasons of how important is having a logo design for the industry as well for your own business, you will have some doubt on maybe which is the type of logo your business needs?

Minimal logo design for a dating website  by Jago

Minimal logo design for a dating website by Jago

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