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The following form is a complete and simple brief creation to be able to create the best posible logo design for you!


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Here you can chose between 4 types of logo design: Lettermark: is a typography-based logo that’s comprised of a few letters, usually a company’s initials. The lettermark is all about simplicity. By utilizing just a few letters lettermark logos are effective at streamlining any company brand if they have a long name. Wordmark: Similar to a lettermark, a wordmark logo is a font-based logo that focuses on a business’ name alone. Wordmark logos work really well when a company has a succinct and distinct name. Pictorial Mark: A pictorial mark (sometimes called a brand marks or logo symbol) is an icon—or graphic-based design. It’s probably the image that comes to mind when you think “logo”. A true brand mark is only an image. Because of this, it can be a tricky logo type for new companies, or those without strong brand recognition, to use. Abstract: is a specific type of pictorial logo. Instead of being a recognizable image—like an apple or a bird—it’s an abstract geometric form that represents your business. Combination Mark: It’s in the name! a combination mark is a logo comprised of a combined wordmark or lettermark and a pictorial mark or abstract mark. The picture and text can be laid out side-by-side, stacked on top of each other, or integrated together to create an image. Emblem: The last major type of logo is the emblem. An emblem logo consists of font inside a symbol or an icon; think badges, seals and crests. These logos tend to have a traditional appearance about them that can make a striking impact, thus they are often the go-to choice for many schools, organizations or government agencies.
In case you have color/s preferences.
This is as simple one. I just want to know if you want an script, sans serif or serif type of font to use in the design.
Logo design concepts are the different design options that you can analize to pick the one you like best. Each Concept cost $25.
Revisions are the changes in the design concept like, color, re-place, re-size or re-arrange. Each 2 revisions cost: $5
Just in case you want to add some extra information.